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Spring in Maine

Welcome Back Me!

Spring is in the air! It’s been above 40° for 48 hours, I’ve had 2 new goats kids born in the last 24 hours. I heard birds singing when I woke up this morning! Yesterday I started prepping garden beds for radishes, kale, garlic and peas. Am I dreaming? Is this real life? Life feels amazing, doesn’t it?

After spending the (oddly warm) Winter indoors, incubating my brain – meat ideas and waiting for Spring, it is finally here, and I’m back at the blog.

Peep is now 9.5 months old and  nearly walking. It’s seems that the older she gets, and the busier things get around here, the more my creative juices flow.

I’ve spent years incubating a small business idea. As my interests have changed and grown, the little idea has grown and changed, too. I never really gave up on it, but i never really took it seriously, either. It was always more of an “if I break a leg or my back and I’m incapacitated, then I’ll get going on this” idea, than a “let’s write a business plan and do this sh!t!!!!” idea.

Over the years, I’ve surrounded myself with women I consider strong, independent, and successful. Most of them are small business owners of one sort or another. Some are farmers. Some are farmer’s and entrepreneurs.

(If any of you are reading this and think to yourself “me?”, yes, you!)

I’ve watched them, studied them, listened to them, and learned as much as a quiet fangirl can.

I’ve patiently and quietly obsessed over yarn, knitting, sewing, clothes design, needle AND wet felting and pretty much anything related to wool, including sheep and angora rabbits. I’ve refined and honed in on my skills and talents, taking my time since I’ve mostly just been entertaining my hobbies.

Today I took a huge step and I feel like I’ve finally crossed over the threshold from “maybe, someday I’ll do it” to actually starting.

Years have passed in an instant. I had no idea where I was headed most of the time, but suddenly all those side trips make sense. Suddenly I’m making something I’ve only dreamed about. Suddenly I’m actually living my dream, and not just dreaming about it.

I’ll be less vague in the future. I just have a big happy and needed to share.



It’s seems my entire clan has come down with a viscous head cold overnight. My teeth ache, my throat stings,and the baby kept me up all night with her coughing and nursing.


(Here’s a picture of my dog refusing to get out of bed this morning, she’s no dummy.)

We are dosing ourselves heavily with rest, hot tea with elderberry syrup, raw honey, and soup made with bone broth.

Additionally, the hard freeze finally came overnight, so I get to do all my chores in an icy world this morning.


Grump grump grump.

All the rabbit water bottles froze overnight, so I need to find water crocks for them. I need 10, so I can switch them out twice a day and just bring the frozen ones in.

Grump grump grump.

Chores will now take at least twice as long as they did in the summer. Mostly because I have Reynauds disease and have to stop to warm my hands up frequently.


Grump grump grump.

Today I need to excavate all the hats, gloves and mittens, and pray that they aren’t full of mouse nests.


Additionally, our running water is supplied via an outdoor gravity system using hoses. Now that the hard freezes are likely to happen on a nightly basis, we need to dismantle the system and bring the components to where the big(ger small) house is being built.

No more running water for me in the teeny yurt. I’m a sad glad panda.


My husband is pretty much a polar bear, or an arctic Fox ;-). As soon as it starts freezing he comes back to life. This is good for me, it means the winter animal barn, smoking shed, house and root cellar will all start to be finished projects instead of in-progress projects.

Of course my ideal temperature range is 65-72, so I’m hard-pressed to leave the warmth of my house, and spend as little time outside as possible once Temps start falling below freezing.

New tooth

Peep cut her first tooth this morning. She turns 5 months old tomorrow. I’m not ready for this.


Welcome Back

I’m so glad I still have the space to write my thoughts down in. I’ve had numerous blogs through the years, and apparently WordPress has saved them all for me.

I’m back, taking a hiatus from Facebook. It seems like scrolling through Facebook has become my latest hobby and it kind of sickens me. It’s like playing a penny slot machine, but there is a 100% chance that it will never pay out. I just keep scrolling my life away, looking for the next bit of information. Meanwhile, I’m dreaming of a life I could be creating if I wasn’t always on facebook. And in the background of, my children are desperate for attention. Begging to be noticed, outbursts escalating on all sides because no one feels fulfilled.

So that ends today. Instead I will channel my creativity by actually creating the life I dream of, blogging my experiences, and connecting with my daughters. Facebook took a lot of my life, a lot of my time. I don’t have much to show for it,y excuse was that my family needed me to be on facebook to see pictures of the girls. What lies we tell ourselves to justify our unhealthy habits.

An Introduction of Sorts

We are Jami, Zach, Pip and Peep. Zach and Jami are two lucky souls and kindred spirits who happened to have a chance meeting through craigslist shortly after Jami moved to Maine in the Fall of 2012. It was love at first email and we have been inseparable since the first time we met. We live on a ridge in central Maine not far from the coast. We are carving out a small homestead site while being completely free of debt, the banks, and the power grid.

We put up a 12’ yurt in early 2013, and moved both adults and Pip, Jami’s young daughter into it shortly after Easter. We both hold full-time jobs that require an hour of commuting for each of us, but we are hoping to bring that to an end later this year as we slowly transition to living on and working on our homestead full time.

Zach cleared one acre of our 2.5 acres by hand 7 years ago, but it has been slowly reclaimed by the forest for the last couple of years. This year we are working on getting a garden and a young orchard started, getting poultry and pigs, putting in a greenhouse, a garage and a 20’ yurt before the chilly Maine Winter settles in.

Our goal with this blog is to provide you with inspiration and share our passion for living more simply.shoveling

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