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Merry Samhain and Happy Halloween

We had fun going out and running errands this Halloween morning. Pip wore her princess dress, we went to the YMCA’s 100th anniversary celebration and Pip got to jump in the bounce house, paint a pumpkin, eat a cup cake and run amuk.


After that I went to pick up our laundry and the laundromat employee was waiting in this fun costume to scare unsuspecting customers (of which I was one).



Zach found a cute little hat at Reny’s for Peep to wear.



And the baby bunnies are 2 weeks old now! Aren’t they so cute? My Halle Berry is due to kindle in 2 weeks with angora/silver fox crosses. They should be just as adorable as the silver fox kits.



Finally, I’ve got all but 10 of my dreadlocks combed out finally. My hair is significantly longer than it used to be, but the ends are pretty damaged so I’m going to have to trim about 1-2 inches off once it’s all done.


Finally finally, here’s a picture of Pip sewing.


Last but not least, my baby Peep is the sweetest baby ever.




Sick Day, take 2

We seem to have contracted some sort of the “plague”. As the day went on yesterday, my body ached more and more, my teeth were throbbing so hard it felt as though they were going to pop right out of my mouth. Pip started throwing up right around nap time.


I sent zach out into the wild world to get us supplies, namely Alka seltzer, ginger ale and vanilla ice cream, nyquil, and a children’s pain reliever.

I wanted nyquil so badly, but i cosleep with Peep and didn’t want to sleep so deeply I rolled over on her. It was the right call to make. We all slept soundly, either way, she didn’t even wake to nurse for 4 whole hours, the longest she’s gone between boobie sessions for days.


Honestly, I think she’s the only one not sick right now. Her chief complaint the last 48 hours seems to he her new tooth. Lucky baby.

She is now 5 months old. Yesterday, the day after she got her new tooth, she started sitting up on her own.


Teething day

Little Peep started in with congestion and a fever sometime after midnight. Considering that no one else at home is sick, I’m guessing someone has come down with a case of teething. We’ve settled in for a quiet day with movies, arts and crafts for Pip and lots of snuggles (maybe even some knitting! ) and teething tablets for Peep. I have her wrapped up tight in her sling which seemed to help Pip when she was teething as a baby. It’s like an extra secure hug for little babies who have other things to worry about.


I don’t mind, I don’t give myself many chances to have a lazy day full of snuggling babies.

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