New knitting projects

I never JUST bind off. My good friend taught me (mostly for socks and sleeves, but I’ve adapted it to knitting in general) that whenever you bind off a project, you immediately cast on for the next thing.

It keeps the knitting momentum going, which is vital when it comes to socks and sleeves. You can end up with just one sock, a sleeve that’s a completely different size than the first, or a myriad of other problems. I usually try to completely finish an item before I cast on for my next project, which means weaving in ends.

I wanted to show you the 2 projects I’m currently working on right now.

The first project is a fingering weight, fair isle cardigan for Pip. The pattern is called Where the Wild Sheep Roam by Ann Myhre, and has been on my knitting bucket list for ages. The English version of the pattern only goes up to a size three in toddler. Given that Pip is weeks away from turning four, and is wearing a size five, I knew it was now or never to get this sweater done for her. Sizing it up hasn’t been that hard, basically I just went up a needle size.


I always knit a sleeve as my swatch. It takes about the same amount of time as a gauge swatch, plus I get to start on my project. If the gauge doesn’t work out, no big deal, just re-start the sleeve.

I’m a fairly loose knitter anyhow, so by going up a needle size I’ve circumvented the biggest complaint about the pattern, which is that it is very tight. By adding 3 inches of length to the sleeves (I know, she’s a tall girl) I’ve managed to make it long enough and loose enough that she will probably wear it for at least a year (praying for no more growth spurts of 3″ in 12 months).

I’m not progressing very fast on this sweater for two reasons. First, Peep is almost 5 months old, so she needs a lot of in-arms time with me right now as she can’t sit up on her own yet, and when she’s in my lap she is grabby. Second, the main (background) color of this sweater is black. I usually only have knitting time in the early mornings with an oil lamp, or in the evenings by the warm glow of the tv. Both low light conditions make it difficult to see what the heck I’m doing with all the stitches.

Okay, on to my second project, another sweater, this one is for Peep. I just cast on this project yesterday during Pip’s swim lesson. It’s easy, straight forward, and is in a much heavier weight yarn. This pattern is a heavily modified pattern of my own design. Expect to see the pattern in the near future.


The yarns I’m knitting it in are a handspun Romney, and Cascade Souk.


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  1. Those are gorgeous patterns! I have to start knitting for a tiny person soon my niece is having the first great gand child in the family in April/May.

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