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Some Rules for Living in the Woods

May 11, 2013

We have some fundamental rules that we try to live by in order to keep life simple and easy up here in the woods. I think we should begin our blog firstly by talking about these “rules”. Please keep in mind they are in no particular order.

Zach’s first and foremost rule (the only one he mentions every time I ask him if he has any other rules) is Useful, Useful, Useful. It seems pretty self-explanatory, but so do most of our rules. What he means is that if it doesn’t have at least three functions* (1. Useful 2. Useful and 3. Useful) it is going to end up not getting used and taking up valuable space and time. It basically ends up owning you.

*Exclusions are must-haves, single purpose items that you need like rakes, shovels, pitchforks, etc. It also doesn’t have to have three uses, but can be used on or with at least three other items (like a Sear’s mechanic’s kit that can be used to fix lots of things around the homestead.

Personally, I am still new to Homesteading and find the triple threat of UUU hard to live by without feeling deprived sometimes. So I aim for Useful 40% of the time and Useful-Useful 60% of the time. I try to not own too many friviolous things, and most of them live in storage at my fabulous friend’s place until we finish the bigger 20’ yurt.

Some of our examples are cast-iron pans (frying, grilling, baking), craft hobbies like leather-work and knitting (entertainment and you beautify and/or make things you may really need). Sometimes not all the UUU ave to be physical, tangible things. Sometimes if “Making you feel good” or “meditative” is high on the list, that is a worthy thing. Life shouldn’t all be work, but it should be mostly pleasant and enjoyable. Even in our garden we employ this by planting things like a medicinal herb garden. While I may not have the time or skill to process every single herb at its peak moment of harvest, usually it works well for either attracting pollinators, drawing up minerals from deeper in the earth to make the topsoil more fertile, acting as a bait plant for some pest I don’t want going after my edibles (our food…), or all of the above. Plants can be used for more than one purpose, and taking advantage of your backyard microclimates is a whole subject that deserves its own post.

Our next rule I’d like to talk about today is to Practice Being a Minimalist, as in the practice of being a minimalist. We don’t own things we can’t use on a regular basis. Things require upkeep, so the less we own that has one purpose or use, the less things we have to upkeep. Being a minimalist means to me, being comfortable in as small a space as is reasonable. That’s good considering the fact we spend our time in a 12’ yurt.

Our woodstove is a cook top, our futon is both a couch and a bed, the baby’s bed is also daytime storage, our coffee table is a dining table and the last third of our bed at night when the futon is turned down.

It is hard to live small, and it is harder to live simple, but is well worth the reward if you find it agreeable to your own lifestyle.


An Introduction of Sorts

We are Jami, Zach, Pip and Peep. Zach and Jami are two lucky souls and kindred spirits who happened to have a chance meeting through craigslist shortly after Jami moved to Maine in the Fall of 2012. It was love at first email and we have been inseparable since the first time we met. We live on a ridge in central Maine not far from the coast. We are carving out a small homestead site while being completely free of debt, the banks, and the power grid.

We put up a 12’ yurt in early 2013, and moved both adults and Pip, Jami’s young daughter into it shortly after Easter. We both hold full-time jobs that require an hour of commuting for each of us, but we are hoping to bring that to an end later this year as we slowly transition to living on and working on our homestead full time.

Zach cleared one acre of our 2.5 acres by hand 7 years ago, but it has been slowly reclaimed by the forest for the last couple of years. This year we are working on getting a garden and a young orchard started, getting poultry and pigs, putting in a greenhouse, a garage and a 20’ yurt before the chilly Maine Winter settles in.

Our goal with this blog is to provide you with inspiration and share our passion for living more simply.shoveling

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